Welcome to K B Anaesthetics Ltd

Sooner or later most people will need surgical treatment, and all but the most minor of cases will require the care of an anaesthetist.

The anaesthetist's role is to ensure that you receive the appropriate type of anaesthetic for your operation. So that you can receive an anaesthetic tailored to your own personal needs, you are asked about your current medical health, your previous experiences of surgery and anaesthesia, your current regular medication requirements, allergies and ability to perform certain activities which assesses the underlying fitness of your heart and lungs. The anaesthetist uses this information to plan the best possible care for you before, during and after your procedure. Your anaesthetist will stay in the operating room with you throughout surgery, monitoring your vital signs continuously and will not leave you until you are awake at the end of the procedure and in the care of the recovery room staff. During your operation, the anaesthetist will give you medications to combat post operative pain and nausea and will plan an appropriate strategy for ensuring that you are as pain free as possible for your recovery.

K B Anaesthetics Ltd is a specialist anaesthetic service provider to patients in and visiting the Nelson region and we aim to provide the best, evidence based, patient centered care for any person in our region.

We are based out of the Manuka Street Hospital www.manukastreet.org.nz and supply anaesthetic services to patients for many of the specialists who work there, including: Dr Ros Pochin www.nelsonsurgeon.co.nz and Dr Jane Strang www.drjanestrang.co.nz. In addition, we offer anaesthetic services to any surgeon working at Manuka Street Hospital requiring an anaesthetist when their regular anaesthetist is unavailable.

We currently employee one specialist consultant anaesthetist: Dr Katie Ben BSc MBBS MBHL FRCA.

Dr Ben is registered under the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ), the New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists (NZSA), the Royal College of Anaestheists (RCA) in the UK, and the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA).

We can provide you with anaesthetic care for any case performed in the region, from minor cases such as endoscopy that requires monitored sedation, up to major cases including total thyroid surgery, bowel resections and laparoscopic surgery.

Please contact us for more information about our services, or if you have any questions about a forthcoming procedure.