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Katie Ben

I am a doctor specialising in anaesthesia. I have been working in the private and public hospitals here in Nelson since 2010.

I spent 6 years training as a doctor and then a further 10 years training in anaesthesia, based in the south and south west of the UK. In 2009 I gained my Certification of Completion of Training and was admitted to the UK Specialist Register. Shortly afterwards, I moved to Nelson for a year - and have stayed here ever since, enjoying the amazing outdoors lifestyle that New Zealand offers both me and my young family. My role is to provide anaesthesia - either general (where you are asleep) or regional (where the part that is to be operated on is made numb with injections of local anaesthetic). I assess each patient prior to their procedure to decide on the most appropriate type of anaesthetic, discuss the options with risks, side effects and benefits and help the patient decide which they would prefer.

In theatre, I monitor all patients closely and maintain their heart rate, blood pressure and breathing within normal limits. I use a variety of medication for pain relief and to combat nausea or sickness after the operation and prescribe a range of pain relief options for the recovery and ward nurses to use later. Warming blankets are used to keep people at a normal temperature and to try to prevent post-operative shivering.

I look after people at all ages, from the very well to the very sick, across a wide range of surgical specialities. You can relax knowing that you will be kept safe during surgery and wake up at the end, comfortable and ready for your first cup of tea.

Toby Ben BSc

Toby Ben

Toby Ben brings strong customer services and business management skills to K B Anaesthetics. He has worked here in the role of Business Manager since 2010, and has experience in business management and product development for 5 years before that.

Prior to his business management roles Toby served for 8 years in IT and project management working on major IT projects for a number of private companies and government organisations.

Toby will be be more than happy to discuss with you any concerns, complains or accounts matters you may have.